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What are Wild Challenges?
What are Wild Challenges?

Take part in our Wild Challenges to win some awesome prizes and get yourself on the leaderboards.

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Access to all of our Wild Challenges is included in VIP Membership.

There are different types of Wild Challenge:

Flash Challenges:

These are short, simple challenges, that span as little as a weekend or as much as two or three months.

Each challenge focuses on one or more key running or hiking metrics such as number of activities, distance, time or vertical gain. The goal is simply to accumulate as much distance, moving time or vertical gain, or number of activities as you can within the allocated window.

Importantly, any run you do within the challenge period will count, regardless of the surface you run on (yes, even road!) or whether or not the route you take is one featured in the Wild Things trail directory or peak directory. This makes it really easy to take part and climb the leaderboard.

Custom Challenges:

These can vary and are designed to give you exciting new challenges and adventures.

A custom challenge can have a range of criteria, such as keeping to trails of a certain distance or grunt factor, or even region.

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