What are the badges?

Learn about badges, what they recognise and how to earn yours.

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Wild Things badges are awarded to recognise your personal achievements and contributions to the Wild Things community and trail directory.

To collect and display badges, you must be a VIP Member and have your profile set to visible.

You can view your current badges on your dashboard.

Badge Types


The author badge is awarded for submitting trails to the trail directory.


The buddy badge is awarded for making Wild Buddies.


The editor badge is awarded for submitted trail edits.


The explorer badge is awarded for earning explorer points.


The goat badge is awarded for completing trails with a gnarl factor of 60 and above.

Good Sort

The good sort badge is awarded when you are nominated for the award by a fellow Wild Thing.

Peak Bagger

The peak bagger badge is awarded for bagging peaks in the peak directory.


The photographer badge is awarded for submitting photos to the trail directory.


The planner badge is awarded for having trails on your wishlist.


The reviewer badge is awarded for submitting trail reviews.


The trailhead badge is awarded for submitting photos of trailheads of trails in the Wild Things Trail Directory. Trailhead refers to the beginning of a trail, so having a photo of the start is really handy.

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