How to connect with Strava

Learn how to sync your data from Strava to Wild Things, and why.

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Connecting your Strava account to your Wild Things dashboard means your trail runs and hikes can be automatically synced to your account, which means:

  • Any trails you complete are automatically marked as done.

  • Any peaks you bag are automatically marked as bagged.

  • Explorer points for completing trails and peaks are automatically awarded.

  • Your times on any trails are recorded (private, for your eyes only) so you can see your history on any given trail.

  • You can take part in our Wild Challenges and win some epic prizes.

  • You can become a Trail and Peak legend.

  • You can get on the trail leaderboard and earn FKTs.

  • And more...


πŸ’‘ This feature is available for VIP members.

1. Within your dashboard settings, head to the Integrations page here and you will see an orange Connect with Strava button.

2. Click this button, and you'll be temporarily taken to Strava, to authorize Wild Things to connect to Strava. Leaving the tickboxes as they are preselected, then click the orange Authorize button.

πŸ’‘ You may be asked to log into Strava before this step.

3. You'll then return to your Wild Things dashboard. All done!

πŸ’‘ Both free & premium Strava accounts work. Any activity recorded on Strava with a privacy control setting of "Private" will not be synced.

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