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Missing your time, challenge points, FKT or peak bag?
Missing your time, challenge points, FKT or peak bag?

What to do if you've not been awarded points, or an FKT, or had a trail or peak automatically marked as complete...

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πŸ’‘ We are actively working to improve this tool, and make it easier and quicker to check and submit a missing time, FKT of points.

FKT Status Checker

We have created an FKT Status Checker tool that allows you to check the status of your run (i.e. activity awaiting approval, activity has not matched a trail, activity has not been received etc.).

It also allows you to submit your runs manually (either by using your Strava link or uploading the GPX file).

🚨 Important: Please check the status using this tool before contacting us, as it may have already been received and is awaiting manual approval.

Head to our FKT Status Checker to get started:

Share Your Adventure Points

If you are missing Share Your Adventure Points from a challenge, please be patient and ensure you've tagged @wildthingsnz in the photo or reel, not in a comment.

Also, ensure you use the challenge hashtag in the post or a comment, so we know which challenge to award the points for.

We have to manually check our tagged photos, which can take a few days, sometimes more. If your Share Your Adventure Points are wrong after a week, please get in touch.

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