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About the Explorers Leaderboard
About the Explorers Leaderboard

Learn how the Explorers Leaderboard works and how to get involved.

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Exploring new trails and bagging new peaks is fun, and at Wild Things, one of our big goals is to encourage our members to explore.

Each time you tick off a new run from our trail directory you will automatically be awarded 50 Explorer Points + bonus Explorer Points equal to the Grunt Factor for the run you have completed e.g. when you tick off a run with a Grunt Factor of 18 points you will be awarded 50 + 18 = 68 Explorer Points.

Each time you bag a new peak from our peak directory you will automatically be awarded Peak Points equal to the altitude for the peak you have completed.

Please note:

  1. The leaderboard operates on an honesty system. Please honour this and only claim runs that you have actually done in their entirety, as described in the trail guide, and peaks that you have actually bagged.

  2. If you run the route, or bag the peak this year you will be credited Explorer Points on the 2023 Leaderboard (and the All-Time board if this was the first time you've completed it)

  3. If you have run the route or bagged a peak in a previous year you will be credited Explorer Points on the All-Time Leaderboard but not the 2023 one.

  4. It doesn't matter how many times you've run a route or bagged a peak, it will only ever get counted once on the All-Time Leaderboard. To increase your points tally go run a new route or bag a new peak!

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