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How do I sign up for a Wild Things account?
How do I sign up for a Wild Things account?
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It is free to sign up for a Wild Things account.

1. Start here

If you're using a computer, click the Join Us link in the top right corner.

If you're on a mobile, you'll find the Register link by expanding the menu icon in the top left, or by clicking the User+ icon in the bottom left menu.

If you don't immediately see this bottom menu, just scroll down the page a little.

2. Choose which type of account you'd like.

We recommend starting with a VIP Membership Free Trial (because it's free, and you can cancel anytime) πŸ₯³

While here, you can hit the Compare membership types button to see a full feature comparison.

πŸ’‘ The page might look a little different to this screenshot πŸ‘‡ if you're using your phone.

3. Create your account

Enter your email address, and name and choose a password.

4. Payment Details

If you're giving VIP Membership a go, we ask for payment details to keep you and the Wild Things community safe and secure. As VIPs can see and contact our community, we need to validate you are a real person.

You're free to cancel or remove your payment details at any time during your free trial and, if you do, you won't be charged at all.

Complete your details, and if you have a promo code or were recommended by someone, remember to enter that at the bottom of the page.

5. That's it!

You are now a Wild Things member and can enjoy all of our membership features.

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