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What size poles should I get?
What size poles should I get?

Find the correct sizing for trail and running poles for your height.

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How to determine your size

There are a few ways to determine the correct size for trekking and running poles:

1. Measure your hand height

Pretend you're holding a pole in your hand, with your elbow at 90 degrees and measure the distance from the ground to the top of your hand.

This distance will be roughly your ideal pole length.

2. Your height

Multiply your height in centimetres by 0.68.

3. General guide

Height Range

Suggested Pole Length

< 154cm


154 - 171cm


172 - 182cm




Other things to consider

Uphill vs Downhill

When running downhill, a slightly longer length will give you extra stability and support. However, for propulsion uphill, you don't want them too long.

This is where the adjustable poles are great, as they offer the flexibility to adjust them for downhill (when you want it slightly longer) and uphill (when you want them slightly shorter).

Size Cusp

For running, where uphill propulsion matters most, size down if you are right on a size cusp.

For walking, tramping and hiking, where support and stability matter most, size up if you are right on a size cusp.


You'll be carrying your poles (of course), so weight is something to consider. Fixed-length poles are generally lighter, but adjustable poles are more flexible.


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